SportsEngine Registration: Lanier Lions

2024 Cheer Coaches Application



Welcome, prospective coaches!


Thank you very much for your interest in helping develop our youth. The safety of our players is our top priority. Unfortunately, in today’s world, certain precautions are necessary. The following information is required to perform a background check. All applicable blanks must be completed. All coaches are REQUIRED to be certified in accordance with the Lanier Lions Football and Cheer Association and GFA by-laws to be a coach. There is a fee associated with this certification and you will be responsible for the cost associated with the necessary certification. Head Coaches are required to have a Forsyth County Police background check performed. Cost is approximately $15 to be paid by the park.


Coaches will be selected by individual committees chaired by the Vice President of Football and the Vice President of Cheer according to the GFA and County Requirements for coaching. Coaches will be selected in a democratic fashion with priority for seniority and the previous year’s evaluations. Coaches must strive to help each player learn the fundamentals and will be held to the highest code of conduct. 


Kara Ogden

Vice President of Cheer

Lynette Voorhees

Director of Cheer

Christy Pittman

President of Football and Cheer